Transgender (LGBTQ) Pride Flag 3′ x 5′


trans pride – beautiful soul

  • There are so many ways that beauty shines & none more brightly than finding your true authentic self.
  • Pink stripes: people who are female identified
  • Blue stripes: people who are male identified
  • White stripe: people with many or all genders (white is the presence of all color)
  • Makes a fabulous gift to yourself, families & as a Coming Out gift and of course worldwide pride events, rallies and marches.

gifts. presents. swag. showers. coming out. every single occasion!
You can not go wrong with any kind of pride merch when searching for just the right gift. Embrace yourself, or your friend or family member that has just come out & acknowledge that it is absolutely ok to be who you are and love you want to love!

LGBTQ+ flags from the best pride store around!

  • The 3′ x 5′ size is large enough to wrap around yourself at pride events or on your wall, deck, patio or porch.
  • This lightweight polyester flag is ideal for light wind or breezy flying.
  • It is constructed to use outdoor, though high windy areas are not recommended.

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